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SPVSP operates on the VHF radio band. The radio frequency is licensed by the FCC and may not be used by other organizations in the area.

The patrol has radios which can be checked out at the beginning of each shift and must be returned when signing out. The radio model is the I-COM F11. This radio can store 16 channels in memory; 4 of these are for the four summit patrols including Summit West, and the others are used by the ski area for lift maintenance, grooming, terrain park, and other operations.

Patrollers are also welcome to buy their own radio. In the past, SPVSP has offered radio purchase deals where the patrol pays for part of the patroller's radio, but there is no such program as of October 2007. When purchasing a radio for personal use, it is recommended that a patroller consider future use of the radio before choosing a model. For example, if a patroller wishes to join SPART in the future, it is advisable to have a radio which can store more than 16 frequencies, as SAR operations make use of numerous repeater frequencies. One radio worth considering for such purposes is the ICOM F-33GT, which has a 256-channel memory. This radio, however, is not field-programmable, despite having a full 10-digit keypad. Other radio brands are perfectly acceptable choices as well. Caution is warranted with Motorola radios however, as Motorola programming software is only available to dealers. It is preferable to have the ability to program frequencies into your radio yourself.

In order to program your radio, you will need to know the radio frequencies we use. This information can be found on the radio frequency page.

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