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SPVSP uses personal information of users to build and maintain rosters of current patrollers, candidates, and prospective members. This information may include, but is not limited to, name, phone number, email, and history within the patrol. Information can typically be viewed by all current patrollers, and is always kept within password-protected portions of this website, email accounts of recruitment staff or others, or Facebook.com. By request, this information can be redacted or removed from the aforementioned databases, but users should be aware that it is often the case that information may never be completely stricken from an internet record.

SPVSP provides no warranty or guarantee that personally protected information will be protected from unauthorized disclosure.

This privacy policy does not extend to PHI acquired or recorded throughout patient care interactions at the Summit at Snoqualmie or other events where patrollers are providing medical care.

This policy is always subject to changes, deletions, or additions, which may be unannounced. These changes will be reflected in this document.

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